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The 15-minute city : global change through local living

ISBN/Cat.No: 9781910022474 ISBN-10: 1910022470 Title: The 15-minute city Subtitle: global change through local living Publisher: Luath Press Format: Paperback Publication Status: Not yet available Publication Date: 15th Nov 2021
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15-minute city, noun - 'a city that is designed so that everyone who lives there can reach everything they need within 15 minutes on foot or by bike'. Cities define the lives of all those who call them home: where they go, how they get there, how they spend their time. But what if we structured the way we live in our cities differently? What if we travelled differently? What if we could get back the time we would have spent commuting and make it our own? In this carefully researched and readily accessible book, Natalie Whittle interrogates the notion of the 15-minute city - its pros, its cons and its potential to revolutionise modern living.

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