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Bubbles : becoming mother

ISBN/Cat.No: 9781910022542 ISBN-10: 1910022543 Title: Bubbles Subtitle: becoming mother Publisher: Luath Press Format: Hardback Publication Status: In stock Publication Date: 1st Dec 2021
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Bubbles offer a lens through which to view the world, a rainbow-esque diffraction through which whatever is on the other side of them is visible, yet transformed. 'Bubbles' is Laura Bissell's compelling and honest account of her early experiences of motherhood, a journey that began in September 2018 with the birth of her daughter and which was, just over a year later, interrupted by the onset of coronavirus and the national lockdowns and global devastation that followed. Insightful and personal, 'Bubbles' considers womanhood, motherhood and reflects on what it means to become a mother. Bissell also explores the intimate yet isolating experience of parenting in a 'bubble' with a small child during a pandemic, and the challenges for families as family networks and support systems became suddenly inaccessible.

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