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I ran with the gang : my life in and out of the Bay City Rollers

Longmuir, Knight
ISBN/Cat.No: 9781910022757 ISBN-10: 1910022756 Title: I ran with the gang Subtitle: my life in and out of the Bay City Rollers Publisher: Luath Press Format: Paperback Publication Status: In stock Publication Date: 15th Nov 2021
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The Bay City Rollers were one of the brightest things to happen in the tumultuous 1970s, illuminating a dark decade marred by falling stock markets, a plummeting economy and industrial unrest. Alan Longmuir, an apprentice plumber from Edinburgh, was inspired by The Beatles to form a band in the 1960s. Firstly, he enlisted his brother and then his cousin and via throwing a dart at a map they eventually became the Bay City Rollers. Success was slow in coming but when it did it was beyond Alan's (and almost everyone else's) wildest dreams. A string of million selling records led to Rollermania - a mass-hysterical fan reaction not seen since Beatlemania. Like a wildfire it spread across the world. The Rollers' juggernaut was out-of-control. Alan Longmuir recounts his surreal journey from the Dalry backstreets to the Hollywood hills and back to being a plumber.

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