Kelvin Books Ltd

User Guide to PECOS Punch-Out through Kelvin Books Ltd

A quick step-by-step guide to placing PECOS Punch-Out Orders

1. Please visit the website

2. Click the REGISTER button (Top Right)

3. Complete All MANDATORY fields as requested.

When completing the section ADMINISTRATOR DETAILS

It is imperative that when prompted for a LOGIN name you insert your email address in this space. This enables our website to identify the PECOS user.

4. When all fields are populated, click the REGISTER button.

5. All PECOS users must register individually. One registration does not cover every PECOS user within an establishment.

When your registration is complete you can Login to your PECOS account and start processing your orders.

1. On the PECOS main page, click the SEARCH button

2. Under The heading EXTERNAL MARKETPLACE you will find the drop down bar, select Kelvin Books. Then launch marketplace.

3. The Kelvin Books website will open within the PECOS screen.

4. Start searching for titles using the KEYWORD box, or to find titles quicker, select ADVANCED SEARCH and key in the ISBN.

5. When you find the title/s you require, they will display showing RRP, discounted price and bibliographic information.

6. Add Title To Basket and add quantity required.

7. Continue searching for titles and adding to your basket, until your order is complete.

8. When your order is complete, please tick each box beside your line number. This will ensure Your order transfers to PECOS

9. Within a few seconds the screen will automatically transfer you back into PECOS and the screen will show all the titles you had in your previous Kelvin Books basket.

10. When you are satisfied that all is correct with your order press the SUBMIT button and your order will be directed to us.


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